• Zeroing, Gross/Net selection, HR Visualisation x 10.
  • Print and/or data transmission command, function command, on/off.
  • Automatic tare, presettable tare, lock/unlock tare function.
  • Horizontal totalization active on all functioning modes, selectable between automatic and manual; management of a total level
  • Programmable printing from keyboard or from PC of 5 print formats (Print key, Totalization, Partial total, General total, Grand total, First weigh heading); each print format can contain 26 positions which may be simple ASCII codes or preconfigured print blocks (i.e. weigh progressives, gross/tare/net weigh, additional total, date and time, etc.)

High resolution IP65 stainless steel balances for industrial and laboratory use. Particularly suitable where there are strict hygiene requirements. The dual range models offer a better accuracy on the lower part of the range.
CE-M APPROVED versions also available.

DIVISION (g): from 0.1 to 5. CAPACITY (g): from 2000 to 30000.


  • LED display: 7 bright red segments with 7 digits, 15 mm high, for viewing the weight and 6 LEDs for showing the active functions.
  • Waterproof keypad with 18 functional keys.
  • Stainless steel indicator with bracket for mounting on a column or shelf with adjustable angle.
  • Stainless steel structure, mechanics, small parts, and plate.
  • Functions with aluminium "single point" load cell, with anticorrosive treatments.
  • Protection from dust and water splashes according to IP65 standards.
  • Adjustable feet and level.
  • Digital calibration & set-up configurable from keyboard or from PC with DINITOOLS.
  • 3m cable between indicator and platform
  • 12 Vdc power supply with a built in 110-220 Vac power adapter.


  • Formulation.
  • Horizontal / vertical / in unloading totalization with management of 3 zeroable and printable totals independent from each other (partial total, general total, grand total).
  • +/- tolerance check.
  • Counting.
  • Percentage Weigh.
  • Set point function active on all functioning modes.


  • RS232/C or TTL bidirectional output for connection to printer or remote display.
  • Bi-directional RS232/C or RS485 configurable output for PC, PLC and additional remote display.