3590EXT and CPWE weight indicators software version for automatic multicomponent and multi scale dosage systems. Database of 100 different activities and 500 formulas.
Direct management of 12 different components through the relay. Completely programmable printouts.


  • Management of the dosage on various scales (up to 4 independent), with automatic scale change during the dosage.
  • Check of the tare presence at dosage start with tare values programmable for each recipe.
  • Automatic recalculation of the formula targets, by entering the total weight to be dosed.
  • Automatic printing of the dosage data.
  • Storage and printing of the consumptions. Quick recall of the printouts from keyboard.
  • Automatic correction of the flight weight.
  • Programmable number of repetitions of the dosage cycle; function of continuous cycle.
  • Tolerance test on the dosed weight, with guided correction through simple messages on the display.
  • Control of the maximum dosage time.
  • Alarm management on the display.
  • Completely programmable printouts, for compatibility with any ASCII printer manageable through the serial port.


  • Database of 100 products/activities, which may be selected from the following.
    Automatic dosage in loading.
    - Manual dosage in loading
    , with possibility of managing the control light.
    Complete or partial unloading.
    - Fractioned unloading
    , for dividing all the dosed material in equal quantities.
    Timer, to activate the mixers, burners, or stirrers for a preestablished time.
    Pause, to allow the manual operations of the user.
    Manual weight, to add the pre-weighed quantities to the dosage.
  • Database of 500 formulas; each formula contains 20 products/activities.
  • Programming of the activities and the recipes in manual mode or through software on PC (Dinitools).


  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle and introduction / selection formula.
  • Quick switch of the dosage target, through a dedicated key.
  • Quick introduction and selection of the dosage data.
  • START / RESTART dosage, PAUSE / RESET cycle through external inputs.
  • Formula selection through external inputs.
  • Dual dosage speed (approximate and fine), managed through any available contacts or analogue output (optional).
  • "Fine" dosage contact active either constantly or intermittently (jogging).
  • Management of the material levels through "under minimum level" and "over maximum level" contacts.
  • Inputs and outputs with programmable functions.
  • Analogue output (optional) proportional to the weight or to the dosage speed.
  • Serial communication protocol for programming the formulas, the products and managing the cycle.

  • Optional Bluetooth connection, for quick wireless programming of the activities and the formulas, through PC or PDA.